Why Use Landmark 13?

  • Reason No. 1: We promise to never say things like: “We are a full service title agency…”

  • Reason No. 2: You want to help people, but you haven’t yet. 

  • Reason No. 3: You want to be part of something significant.

  • Reason No. 4: See reasons One through Three.

 If you’ve ever wished that people worked as hard at their job as you work at yours, we hear you loud and clear.

  • Who does your homework?

    We don’t sub anything out to third parties. We understand your files because we build them completely in-house. Some title companies pay people to create their reports, but it’s hard to learn when someone else is doing your homework.


  • Alfred Levy’s music is terrible.

    You shouldn’t have to dial extensions or follow prompts. We answer our phones. You will speak to a human being every time you need help. Real people, never ‘music on hold.’

  • The sum is greater than it’s parts.

    We build every title report as a group, this way everyone becomes familiar with your particular deal. Departments leaves everyone understanding their part, and nobody understanding the whole. 

  • Unconventional wisdom.

    We’re big fans of using common sense. Adding Schedule B exceptions and unnecessary clearance just prolongs the agony. We avoid them at all costs, and you should too.

  • Napoleon complex.

    We’re small and we’re growing, so we work hard to get every single deal to the table. Some title agencies prioritize their clientele by the size of the deals they bring in. We promise to never do this. In our tribe everyone is equal, no matter what. 

  • Run Lisa! Run!

    Lisa is our title runner. She drives to the County Clerk, walks on deeds, inspects surveys, pulls offering plans, you name it, she does it. 

    Ask your title company to send their runner and their response will prove exactly why Lisa has this job. It’s the little things that matter most. 

  • Ostriches are the worst.

    Some attorneys just won’t do their job. They stick their heads in the sand and hope their clearance issues will magically disappear. We have made our peace with these ostriches, and we do their job for them. Our client’s really appreciate this.   

  • The company you keep.

    We want to be a company you tell your clients about, and that you are proud to do business with.


  • We’re realists.

    All the good deeds in the world are meaningless if we’re not good at insuring title. We want you to know that we’re better than any title company you have ever used. Try us once and you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

 It’s not just about making your job easier. It’s about making your occupation more fulfilling.


Our examiners love us because we are nice to them. We rarely rush them and this leads to mutual respect and faster turnaround times.


In the final analysis, clearance is everything. If your title agency can’t think their way through issues you’re going to have a bad time.


Our underwriters appreciate the fact that we know what we’re doing. This gives us a distinct advantage on a difficult transaction. 


You can call us with anything. You can use us as a resource and a sounding board. We don’t care if it’s not our deal, we genuinely love to help our friends out.

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