We are not a charity.

There are no administration fees, no overhead and no board of directors. 13% of every closing is set aside to help. 

Who You're Helping

Orphans in Haiti. Local kids with disabilities. Athletic programs for at risk teens. People in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We help human beings who need our help, we don't discriminate.

The Breakdown

$500,000 Purchase is a $2,129 Premium

$277 Transaction Benefit

The Details

  • We give away 13% of the money we make on your transactions.
  • We’re trying to reach 20-25 purchases a month. That’s our sweet spot.
  • 20 closings per month x $277 = $5540 per month.
  • Nutrition and Education for 1 Hatian orphan = $60 per month.
  • We can help feed and school 92 orphans at the Lespwa Timon Orphanage.
  • I’ve been there and spent time with nurse Carmen. She needs our help.
We’re in search of something real. Moments of significance we’ll always remember. A happiness that exists because we worked together to create it. 
Want to Work Together?